I was looking for the best Netherlands VPS server, and I found that Onlive Server has magnificent offers and free trial option with discounts too. I tried it out, and let me tell you that the quality of the service far exceeded my expectations in terms of both performance and reliability. That they offer 24/7 support with live chat made me feel safe, so I didn’t have to worry about downtime or anything else.

Netherlands VPS Server

Choosing a VPS hosting service is not a straightforward task. When you are looking for a reliable service, it is important to know if your provider has multiple layers of security in place to keep your data safe and if they have secured their network against DDoS attacks from outside. Onlive Server delivers enterprise-class resilience with multi-layered security through its virtual private servers. The company also provides 24/7 support to ensure that someone can address quickly any issues. The company’s secure hosting platform ensures customers can focus on growing their business instead of worrying about server downtime or other technical issues.

Benefits of Netherlands VPS Server

Our Netherlands cloud servers are available with us 24/7/365. We offer global availability of your resources via networks. We provide a high security level since we deploy anti-DDOS protection, anti-spam technology solutions to keep your data safe. You can manage all aspects of your server from our user-friendly control panel, which is highly intuitive and easy to use. You will have full root access on our cloud servers for complete control over all aspects of hosting.

Feature of Netherlands VPS Server

  • The performance

If you are hosting a website for any kind of business, performance is crucial. The Netherlands-based data center provides a great deal in terms of flexibility and network speed. We ran multiple tests and found it to be speedy and reliable under heavy loads, making it suitable for companies that need huge amounts of traffic or constant updates on their site. The server uptime was also impressive; we never experienced downtime during our testing period. This makes sense, as there’s no way they could keep customers if they had unreliable servers. Overall, it impressed us with Onlive Server’s performance across all the metrics we tested.

  • The security

With finding a good quality VPS, security is one of, if not THE most important element. As an IT company with years and years of experience, we are proud to say that our security is second to none. We offer industry standard 256-bit AES encryption on all our servers. We also run our own enterprise level firewall software as well as engage regularly in external penetration testing and vulnerability scanning through Hacken Proof, a managed service provider that specializes in bug bounty hunting.

  • The transparency

Onlive Server claims that all their servers have enterprise-class resilience with multi-layered security through Onlive server. The reason they say that is that it’s hosted on a private cloud, where they claim they have enough space to manage their own systems and data. As a result, they can react quicker in case something goes wrong. But as always, transparency leads to trust. That’s why I want to know more about what kind of resilience and security are we talking about here? What does that mean to me as a customer? And how do I benefit from it?

  • The support system

A support system can be important for even small businesses. Not only does it help you work more efficiently but also helps your customers feel safe. If you’re looking to build a successful customer support system, look at support–an efficient way to handle support requests via email. It integrates with all popular customer relationship management systems and provides seamless workflow between companies and their clients.

  • Flexible spare capacity

The chief advantage that I experienced with Onlive Servers is that my spare capacity was extremely flexible. At first, I didn’t even know what capacity was, but after learning about it, I realize how important it is to get a high-quality and reliable Netherlands VPS Server. If you want to learn more about server hosting services, then make sure you check out some of our detailed reviews which can be found on our official website.

  • Advantages of Netherlands VPS Server

Our servers are based on Intel processors, which results in faster and smoother data processing. We also offer a free IP that remains for a lifetime. We protect all our servers with enterprise class resilient with multi-layered security through Onlive Server. Being an enterprise-class Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider, we also give priority to support and deliver quality service. Being transparent is our core belief.

Pre-installed with the latest operating system and software.

When your business takes off and you outgrow a shared web hosting plan, it is time to upgrade to a Cheap Netherlands VPS Server. It allows you to run more complex websites that use many files at once without overloading a host machine. With its enhanced security features, it ensures that your site stays safe from outside attacks. To choose a powerful server and get started with our services, all you need to do is open a support ticket from within cPanel on our website.


A VPS is basically an isolated computer that runs on a real server. The benefit of a VPS is that you get root access to your own computer but don’t have to manage it or maintain it. A VPS only works if you know what you are doing, else there will be a lot of problems for you. So, I would recommend to go with a managed VPS service provider like Onlive Server. Their customer support is excellent and they provide free migration from one VPS plan to another so that you can upgrade or downgrade easily with no downtime. They also provide free 24/7 technical support through ticketing system and email support and live chat.

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