Cloud VPS

Onlive Server offers the latest Cloud VPS Hosting plans that allow you to create powerful website and application servers on the cloud, or the Onlive Server platform. Our providers offer you the choice of Linux or Windows, whether it’s for a virtual private server or dedicated server. Onlive Server is dedicated to providing affordable, flexible, and high-performance Cloud VPS hosting solutions, without compromising security and stability. We use only premium-grade firewalls and security solutions to protect your servers from attacks and intrusions.

What Is A VPS?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine that helps to run your website on the internet. The provider’s system administrator can allocate memory, CPU power, disk space, and operating system resources such as I/O port access. A single physical server may be shared between hundreds of virtual servers so that more users can be served on a timely basis. Each virtual server user has its own virtualized operating system environment, which has its own set of computing resources in terms of memory, disk space, and central processing unit (CPU) time. Using VPS allows multiple applications to run on a single physical server at once but they are insulated from each other as if they were using separate servers.

Why Choose Onlive Server?

There are many Web Hosting services on market, all claiming to be either fully secured or as fast as possible. So how do you choose a good web hosting service? Here are some tips: – Fast loading speed and uptime – Backup solution to prevent data loss – Free migration from old host to a new one! – Free unlimited SSL certificates! If you’re looking for a good cloud VPS provider, we suggest using our solutions.

What Is Included in Our Plans?

There are numerous choices when it comes to Virtual Private Servers. You need a plan that gives you server management options, accessibility, stability, scalability, performance, and customer support. Our Cloud VPS plans offer you all of that in an affordable package. We offer new clients 24/7 technical support at no extra cost on all cloud VPS hosting services and have only ever had one downtime due to hardware issues that were resolved within 30 minutes. We also include free setup and domain name registration with all our cloud VPS hosting packages. Your website is hosted behind multiple premium-performing web servers in our data center. As well as being secured behind several firewalls, your Cloud VPS is protected by a customized 99% uptime Network Uptime Guarantee.

Premium Bandwidth

With our high-performance servers, you can reach your website visitors with no interruption in service. Our 1Gbps bandwidth is backed up with a 99.999% uptime guarantee. By using Cloud VPS plans hosted on premium infrastructure, your website will be able to handle an increase in traffic or heavy loads smoothly without compromising server stability or risking system failure. You will also have web hosting that is extremely secure as we offer both dedicated IP addresses and security certificates.


Onlive Server backups are performed automatically on a weekly basis, meaning you never have to worry about losing important data. Our technicians work hard around the clock in order to ensure that your files remain secure at all times. And if you experience any kind of problem or glitch with your server, we can restore your files from backup within minutes.

Instant Account Setup

Onlive offers instant setup of your cloud server account, so you can get started right away. Our servers are available 24/7 to ensure continuous service. And with backups included, there’s no need to worry about things going wrong on your end either. Simply decide how much space and bandwidth you want, create an account, and choose a server location—and you’re all set!

One-Click Application Installer (cPanel only)

Install in a few clicks or choose your own software with our open-source installer. Whatever application you need, we have it here!

Free SSL Certificate (Let’s Encrypt only)

Every time you access a website using HTTP, your data passes over an unsecured connection. Using HTTPS encrypts that data to protect it from eavesdroppers. It’s as simple as getting a free SSL certificate installed on your site or app and redirecting all of your traffic over to HTTPS—all automatically—so there’s no need to change any of your web application code.

How Beneficial WordPress Web Hosting?

As a popular open-source content management system, WordPress is frequently used as a blogging platform. It’s simple to use and completely free, but hosting your own website based on WordPress can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a web development or programming experience. Fortunately, there are many companies like Onlive Server that offer WordPress Web Hosting solutions designed for people without prior coding knowledge. While all of these companies provide powerful web hosting services, each does so in its own unique way.


Choosing web hosting is not an easy job; there are numerous factors to consider while making a choice. If you are looking for both quality and value, then you should definitely go with our WordPress Web Hosting service on Cloud. It’s time for you to explore better ways of managing all your online content.

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