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Understanding VPS Server Hosting in Russia can be daunting, especially when you need reliable, secure, and affordable web hosting in Moscow, Russia. If you’re seeking the best in Russia VPS Server Hosting in Moscow, Russia, you need to know your options and understand how to choose the right service provider. One choice that can help you understand your needs and make an informed decision about VPS Server Hosting in Moscow, Russia is Onlive Server. We offer the latest VPS Server Hosting in Moscow, Russia with prices starting at $15per month.

Why you should use a Russian virtual private server

Virtual private servers (VPS) are a great option for businesses that want to scale up and down quickly. Because they are run on high-quality hardware in large data centers with plenty of redundancy in place, they offer better performance than most dedicated hosting options at a much lower price point. What’s more, with fully managed offerings available from Onlive Server, you can rest assured that your VPS will be up and running around the clock. And when it comes to security, we take things very seriously—every virtual server is housed in a top-tier data center staffed by an expert team who has experience dealing with all kinds of threats. For these reasons and more, Russia VPS Server Hosting is becoming one of our most popular services among local business owners who need an affordable way to host their websites or applications online. So what are you waiting for?

Why Russia VPS Server is best?

Our data center is based in Moscow, which makes us a good choice for hosting. We also have exclusive peering with Level3 Communications. This improves performance significantly since there is no need to go outside of Russia in order to reach certain sites.

Russia VPS Server

What are the benefits of using virtual private servers?

The ability to access your own private servers through a remote connection is becoming a rising trend in hosting. This style of shared web hosting eliminates all of the fuss of renting server space and switching between equipment. As long as you have access to high-speed internet, you can run whatever programs or store whatever data on these VPS servers that you like. This makes it an extremely flexible option for those who want their own individual server space without having to invest in physical hardware.

How Russia VPS Server will change your mindset in online business?

The Onlive Server team of experienced engineers is always on hand to solve any issues or concerns that you might have. By using a Russia VPS server, you can have your own personal web hosting account where you control your content 100%. This is highly secure compared to other options in Russia. The best part of running a Russia VPS server is that it’s cheaper than many other options but with greater reliability.

Technical support 24/7

Onlive Server offers 24/7 technical support to help you with any. We aim to respond to all requests within 1 hour during regular business hours in Eastern Standard Time (EST). Alternatively, you can submit a ticket through our helpdesk or live chat.

Data Security

Your data security is our highest priority. We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as a full backup system, server redundancy (active-passive configuration), advanced security features to protect your sites from unauthorized access or intrusion attempts, and all of our hosting accounts, are fully encrypted. You will be provided with your own private SSL certificate free of charge when you host your website on an Onlive Server Russia VPS hosting plan.


The online server offers Russia VPS Server for running your online business. We offer a one-click installation that simplifies everything you will need to do to create your account. Every package comes with multiple website setups so that you are ready to go right away. Our service is easy to use so you can be up and running in minutes. All plans come with free automated backups! The online server features great support so you always know what is going on with your account at all times!

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