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Choosing a Sweden dedicated server doesn’t have to be a time-intensive process, but as everyone knows time is currency. Choosing a Sweden Dedicated Server from Onlive Server can help your business easily scale and grow while providing you with the resources required to manage heavy traffic and data-intensive applications.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a computer that serves only a single customer or even more customers if the need be. It usually works as an individual server for a client, as well as for different customers at times.

Sweden Dedicated Server is one of the most reliable hosting solutions available on the market today. They offer unrivaled performance, immense processing power, and flexibility at affordable prices.

How do Sweden Dedicated Servers Work?

A dedicated server works on an excellent network infrastructure that offers top-notch quality and uninterrupted network connectivity throughout the country. The bandwidth offered by these servers is not shared with anyone else and is dedicated for your sole usage and convenience.

In addition to this, the dedicated servers have complete access to their resources like CPU, RAM, storage

Order Sweden Dedicated Server from Onlive Server and experience the best and most advanced server hosting services around the world:

There are a lot of web hosting companies around the world. However, Onlive Server has been the best in providing dedicated server hosting services to its customers over the past few years.

We provide Sweden Dedicated Server to our clients as per their needs and requirements. If you have an online business, then you will have to get a website for it and a reliable hosting service provider to host your website. If you are looking for one such service provider then we will be the right choice for you. We provide our services at an affordable price and with great efficiency. You can check out our plans and packages on our official website.

We will provide you with a cPanel where you can manage your website and its contents efficiently. This will help you to keep your data secure from any unauthorized or external access as well as from any sort of viruses and malware attacks. You will also get complete control over your website so that you edit or change anything in your website whenever required.

Our Basic Plans:

Onlive Server offers the Cheap Sweden Dedicated Server Hosting plans with the best technical support 24/7. Our Sweden Dedicated Hosting is completely customizable and scalable according to your needs. Our Sweden Dedicated Server Hosting Plans starts at just $80 per month with the following features:

Sweden Dedicated Server – DSX1

Processors: Intel Atom C2750

CPU Cores: 8 Cores / 8 Threads

CPU Speed: 2.60 GHz


Storage: 250GB SATA +120GB SSD

Bandwidth: Unlimited With 100Mbps

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Server Management: Fully Managed

Setup Time: 0 to 24 hrs.

This server comes with many advantages such as:

Sweden Dedicated Server Hosting is the most effective web hosting solution for large business sites. It provides a high level of security and control to the server. Dedicated Server is built on powerful hardware and delivers high-performance website hosting.

Reliable & Customizable:

The website’s performance will be more reliable and secure as compared to shared hosting because this server has a dedicated IP address, unlimited bandwidth, full root access, 24/7 customer support service, etc.


Sweden Dedicated Server costs less than a shared server because the users share the cost of hardware, software licenses, and network connections in a shared server.

High Speed:

As compared to a shared hosting plan where lots of customers use the same server resources, dedicated servers offer high speed and faster loading times to websites.


There are many benefits to using one of the best Sweden Dedicated servers on the market. Choosing the right plan can be challenging, though. Our goal is to help you make a perfect decision about your business needs.

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