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VPS Cloud Server from Onlive Server

Ideal for Small-scale Businesses and Companies. Safe, Fast, and Secure If you run a small-scale business or want to get into E-commerce without worrying about infrastructure costs, then a Virtual Private Server is exactly what you need. Get your very own Virtual Private Server with our flexible and reliable service. Onlive Server is built around simplicity and efficiency. We have made sure that we can provide you with any operating system, at any time and in just 5 minutes. Our VPS Cloud Server services are secure most of our servers are located in world-class data centers that are certified. We use multi-factor authentication for all login attempts using SSH keys for server management by default. This means that only administrators can perform certain actions on their server ensuring safety even further.

Zero security threat, with powerful network monitoring systems that continuously monitor for malicious activity or misuse of VPS cloud servers to ensure optimal protection for all users. Our high-speed servers and premium bandwidth provide reliable performance at an affordable price. A dedicated server is just a few clicks away; click here to learn more about our great selection of powerful virtual private servers. Avail unlimited bandwidth, five different levels of web hosting plans at super low cost, many domains can be hosted on a single server. We are dedicated to providing high-quality service that fits everyone’s needs. 

Why do you need a VPS Cloud Server?

A VPS server is basically a virtual machine for hosting purposes. By using a VPS server, you can host multiple websites on one hosting account at a cheaper price than if you were to use different hosting accounts. The main purpose of getting a VPS is to reduce cost while gaining more resource control and flexibility over your web applications and email services. Since each virtual host has its own individual IP address, it makes for easier administration when compared to setting up an entire dedicated server or shared server since you don’t have to divide it among many users with their own separate accounts.


Complete Control over Your Server

You have complete freedom over your server and can do whatever you want with it without having to meet any requirements or restrictions imposed by the provider. You can install whichever applications or software that you want on it and can also modify the settings to suit your needs.


With cloud VPS, you can access a dedicated server whenever you need it. You can also make changes on your own, without having to depend on any outside contractors.


Cloud VPS providers offer redundant servers and storage so that your business can grow along with them. You won’t have to worry about upgrading your business’ technology as it grows larger and more dependent on these resources.


Since the data center will be storing your data, they will be responsible for all physical security measures that are required to protect your data, such as fire protection and prevention, physical security, and environmental controls such as electrical power and climate control


The Onlive Server is a reliable solution for those who are in need of a robust, yet cost-effective solution for their virtualization needs. Its comprehensive range of services and capabilities coupled with its dependability make it a worthy contender for any on-demand server service. For all intents and purposes, the Onlive Server Cheap Reseller Hosting is likened to a Swiss Army knife of server solutions. If you are interested in a Virtual Private Server but don’t have the resources or time to manage one, Onlive Server may be for you. The service is easy to set up and gives you all of the functionality of a VPS without having to deal with it and its upkeep on your own.

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